After the seeming dissolution of the Art Collection Committee in February of 2013, there was no mention of the collection until around the same time in 2014 within the Student Council minutes.

AMS Student Council Minutes // March 12, 2014 // pg. 103-104

Newly elected president Tanner Bokor does mention that “selling the art was not viable”, a statement that seems to match what we discovered by investigating the actions of the Art Collection Committee.

The 2015 minutes similarly do not mention the collection in any context other than it being moved to newly built facilities in the Nest.

2013-2015 was not a particularly interesting year in regards to selling art, as it seems like the memory of a failed attempt was still vivid in the AMS' hive mind. The student union was also moving into a newly built building during this time, so this all lines up with less attention being put towards such frivolous ideas. Let's move on to the juicy stuff, shall we?